No Bread for Mandela: Memoirs of Ahmed Kathrada

No Bread for Mandela: Memoirs of Ahmed Kathrada

Coming Spring 2011:

The gripping and moving story of one of South Africa’s greatest citizens.
Sentenced to life in prison on the infamous Robben Island along with anti-apartheid movement members Walter Sisulu, J.B. Marks, and Nelson Mandela, Ahmed Kathrada’s memoir reveals remarkable resilience and hope during his nation’s struggle for peace, justice, and reconciliation.

Artists for a New South Africa, a nonprofit organization working in the U.S. and South Africa to combat HIV/AIDS, assist children orphaned by the disease, advance human and civil rights, educate and empower youth, and build bonds between  nations through arts, culture, and the pursuit of social justice, recently posted this video featurette on Kathrada, honoring him for his extraordinary activism.

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This brief film is a tribute to anti-apartheid hero Ahmed “Kathy” Kathrada, who spent 26 years in prison alongside Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu for his efforts to being democracy to his country.

He emerged from jail without bitterness or a desire for retribution and has worked ever since to help build a new nation and further the message of non-racialism throughout the world.

The film was created for Artists for a New South Africa’s 20th Anniversary event, Jabulani, where Kathy Kathrada was honored for his extraordinary activism.

Featuring Nelson Mandela, Barak Obama, Walter Sisulu, and Ishmael Meer, the film is narrated by Morgan Freeman, directed and edited by Jennifer Hatton, written by Sharon Gelman and Roderick Spencer, produced by Sharon Gelman, Dan Genetti, Jussie Smollett, Roderick Spencer, and Craig Zisk and includes footage generously provided by Anant Singh / Video Vision and Barbara Rick / Out of the Blue Films

About Artists for A New South Africa:

Founded in 1989 by noted members of the arts and entertainment community to support South Africa’s quest for freedom and democracy, ANSA has since:

  • Raised over $9 million for effective African nonprofits
  • Shipped more than 70 tons of medical supplies and books to impoverished communities
  • Reached millions of people across the U.S. and Africa with essential information about HIV/AIDS and voting rights

Since 2005, ANSA has provided ongoing comprehensive care and services to more than 3,500 AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa and is working to scale up efforts to reach more of the country’s three million orphans.

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