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Is the Old Fashioned the Leading Man’s New Cocktail?


Can you spot the Old Fashioned?

This week, we’ve already talked about the Old Fashioned’s part as practically a supporting character in Mad Men, but did you know that the classic cocktail is a favorite of another smooth-talking character?

As Albert Schmid details in his preface for The Old Fashioned, the drink makes a pretty big splash in the 2011 Warner Brothers picture, Crazy, Stupid, Love. Ryan Gosling’s character, Jacob, resident Don Juan and romance coach to Steve Carell’s Cal, casually sips the whiskey cocktail (which contains Pappy Van Winkle bourbon to be precise) all throughout the movie’s two hours and ten minutes.

Schmid states, “Of all the cocktails for Jacob to use in the art of seduction, the Old Fashioned is the most poetic drink he could choose. The bittersweet whiskey-flavored beverage is simple to make but requires practice to perfect. The process of muddling the fruit (as some recipes call for) can be very seductive, if done by the right person.”

There have definitely been a bevy of articles proclaiming the return of the Old Fashioned over the past few years, and choice for signature cocktail of these characters indicates that those in Hollywood definitely have a finger on the pulse of new trends. So what is it about the Old Fashioned that says “leading man?” Is the Old Fashioned just what Hollywood is making men drink or maybe, is there supposed to be a little something more to the men who drink Old Fashioned’s?

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