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Fig Preserves Recipe from Savory Memories

The late Wade Hall was an acclaimed author, dedicated professor, and a friend to many. In memory of his passing three years ago today (September 26th, 2015), here is what he termed “the granddaddy of all fig recipes” in SAVORY MEMORIES9780813120461


Fig Preserves

6 cups of stemmed and chopped figs
1 thinly sliced lemon
3 cups of sugar

Combine the figs, lemon, and sugar in a heavy stainless-steel pot and let stand for three hours. Then bring to a boil and simmer until thick, about one hour. Seal in hot sterilized jars. Yield: six to seven half-pints.


Hall follows the recipe with the tongue-in-cheek promise, “If you eat enough of these fig preserves, you will soon be writing like Eudora Welty! I guarantee it”. Throughout the chapter, Hall discusses the legendary author who was a friend and mentor to him. He describes one particular memory after they had spent the afternoon chatting about her work. “I rushed out to get a jar of fig preserves and a camera. She agreed to sign a couple of books before we left and allowed me to take several pictures of her in her chair…holding my ‘lovely’ gift”. Pick up a copy of SAVORY MEMORIES for more of Hall’s deliciously creative fig recipes!