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Press Play: Bourbon Desserts, The Air Force, and Remembering Emmett Till

This past Friday, August 29, the Wall Street Journal featured a review of Lynn Marie Hulsman’s Bourbon Desserts. Here’s a taste of what they had to say:

“Bourbon, compared with its older cousin, Scotch, has a hint of caramel sweetness to it, making it a natural flavoring agent for dessert. Ms. Hulsman’s recipes for cakes, cookies, custards, ice creams and other confections are not designed for the calorie-shy, but they may well enchant anyone with a sweet tooth and an interest in traditional and modern American cuisine. Her presentations are clear and concise, with short introductory paragraphs preceding her instructions.” —Wall Street Journal

For the past couple of weeks Robert M. Farley’s Grounded: The Case for Abolishing the United States Air Force has been stirring up some conversation in publications like Aviation Week and The Daily Beast as readers digest Farley’s thought-provoking book.

Farley himself has continued to contribute to that conversation writing recently in Real Clear Defense about the Air Force’s new strategic white paper:

“Addressed to ‘Airmen and Airpower Advocates,’ America’s Air Force: A Call to the Future sounds a lot of familiar notes. It hypes the concept of “strategic agility,” a worthy contribution, but ends up defining the service’s contribution in reactive terms.  A Call to the Future tackles procurement failures and speaks to the need for partnerships, but fails to contribute seriously to the most gripping procurement problem the Air Force currently faces – the F-35 – or to provide a framework for thinking about the failure of airpower partnerships in Iraq and Afghanistan.” —Real Clear Defense

Finally, Darryl Mace, author of In Remembrance of Emmett Till: Regional Stories and Media Responses to the Black Freedom Struggle, spoke with radio station WHYY to remember Emmett Till on the 59th anniversary of his murder. During their conversation, Mace compares the the media landscape when Till was killed with the one we face today:

It is a very different time. There is a desire for instant news. Everything is tweeted and everything is blogged. The 24-hour news cycle really makes people hungry to consume media… You can’t escape the media input now.

You can listen to Darryl Mace’s full interview on the subject matter at WHYY.


Mike Veach

Praise has been plentiful for Michael R. Veach’s new book, Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey: An American Heritage and we can’t help but share some of the kind words below.

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They call him Mr. Bourbon…

via LEO Weekly

LEO Weekly

Bourbon 101

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Drink Hacker

Lore, Legend, Fact, and Fiction

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Ace Weekly

Critics love Lincoln Legends

Check out some reviews of Ed Steers’ Lincoln Legends, and enter for your chance to win a copy by today at 1:00 pm!

“Brilliantly arranged & one of the most informative Lincoln books ever written. A captivating and informative book that belongs on the bookshelf of every lover of history!”–Joseph Garrera, President, The Lincoln Group of New York

“Noted Lincoln scholar Steers succinctly and eloquently debunks 14 popular myths about the Great Emancipator’s life and death.”–Publishers Weekly

“For those wanting answers about Lincoln, this is a fine volume. Leaving humor to the fun front cover, the contents are at once deferential to those seeking basic information and probing about deeper layers of the president’s life. A solid offering displaying expert research.” —Library Journal

“Lincoln Legends is a worthy addition to the library of anyone interested in learning the truth about Lincoln and his heritage.”–Civil War Times

“Edward Steers, by producing a well-written and thoroughly researched and documented book, provides a welcome service to readers who believe that historical accounts must be based on evidence and that fictitious ones should be treated as such. Lincoln Legends is a welcome addition to collections of Lincoln books.”–Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association

“Through meticulous research, Steers eventually uncovers a larger irony: Lincoln, whom he calls ‘a passionate advocate for truth,’ will forever be shrouded in legend.”–New York Post

Tennis, Philosophy, and the Huffington Post

Tom Morris, a well known public philosopher who writes for the daily news site The Huffington Post, started a new series today in which he interviews other philosophers on their current work. The series started today with an interview of our own David Baggett, whose book Tennis and Philosophy: What the Racket Is All About can be found in stores now! Head on over to The Huffington Post to read more on Tom Morris and his interview with David Baggett, or jump below.

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It’s a May Giveaway!

Sadly, the derby season is over. But thankfully, derby traditions can linger year round- including bourbon! Thanks to all of our readers and fans out there, The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook is racing up the charts and gaining attention nation-wide from publications including The Wall Street Journal! To celebrate and thank our ever-growing community of book lovers, we’ve decided to give 3 copies away to our readers! All you have to do is send me an email (cameron.ludwick@uky.edu) or leave a comment below. Please include your name, email, and your favorite home-cooked recipe. Maybe it’s one you like to make, or something your mother or grandmother made you when you were a kid. We’ll randomly select 3 winners Friday afternoon to contact for your address, and maybe details of your recipe to share! I’ll continue to post reminders this week, GOOD LUCK!

Read reviews for The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook below:

The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook


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Reviews and Interviews

This week, Library Journal publishes a glowing review of Andrew L. Slap’s Reconstructing Appalachia: The Civil War’s Aftermath. LJ says:

“This impressive new study will pave the way for additional scholarship. Excellent, readable, and absorbing history, it gives us a better understanding of this compelling aspect of the Civil War. Highly recommended for both general readers and specialists.”

Robert C. Doyle is also making media waves with his new book, The Enemy in Our Hands: America’s Treatment of Prisoners of War from the Revolution to the War on Terror. Doyle recently appeared on The American View Radio, and you can listen here!

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