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Giveaway Spotlight – FISHING THE JUMPS: A NOVEL

Herrin CoverWe’re giving a book away this week! One lucky reader will win a book of their choice, choosing from seven of our newest titles. From now until Sunday, July 21, we will spotlight one of the books up for grabs on our blog. Answer our questions in the comments or on social media, and you’ll be entered into the drawing! For more details on the giveaway, CLICK HERE

Today’s featured title is award-winning author Lamar Herrin’s latest novel, Fishing the Jumps. In this work, Lamar Herrin explores the kaleidoscopic effect of memory while examining the rise and fall of life in the South. Set during a weekend fishing trip, two middle-aged friends sip Jim Beam and share stories as the past and present meld to reveal that what happens in the past rarely stays there.

We love this book , and we think you will too. So today, we want to share the opening couple pages with you. Enjoy!

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