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Give the Gift of Reading This Holiday Season!

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A Girl’s A Gun by Rachel Danielle Peterson, 50% off

As the holiday season quickly approaches, what better gift to give your loved ones than a book. The University Press of Kentucky is pleased to announce the start of their 2018 Holiday Sale, which is the perfect opportunity to purchase affordable, yet thoughtful, presents for everyone on your list. With special pricing and discounts up to 75%, this sale is a wonderful chance to stock up for the holidays. Most 2018 titles are 40% off, while older releases are 50% off. In addition, select new releases and special titles have set markdowns of $5–$10. There are books for history fans, film enthusiasts, military buffs, and many more, especially Kentuckians interested in regional titles. With such a broad selection, there are sure to be books that will please even the most hard-to-buy-for people on your list.


The Struggle is Eternal by Joseph R. Fitzgerald, 40% off

Among the featured titles are new and recent releases in fiction, Amreekiya: A Novel, Make Way for Her: And Other Stories, Patchwork: A Bobbie Ann Mason Reader, and The Birds of Opulence. Authored by women writers and featuring female protagonists, these books speak to the human experience and describe interpersonal relationships in striking ways. Black Bone: 25 Years of the Affrilachian Poets and Mend: Poems are recent collections that lend voice to marginalized groups—African-American writers from Appalachia and female slaves subjected to medical experimentation without their consent.


The Philosophy of War Films edited by David LaRocca, 40% off

For those interested in Kentucky history, Elkhorn: Evolution of a Kentucky Landscape, Forty Minutes to Glory: Inside the Kentucky Wildcats’ 1978 Championship Season, and A New History of Kentucky, second edition are featured. Named the 2018 Thomas D. Clark Medallion Book, Elkhorn chronicles the rich history and culture surrounding Elkhorn Creek, the second largest tributary of the Kentucky River. As basketball season begins, Forty Minutes to Glory is the perfect title for every member of the Big Blue Nation. The second edition of A New History of Kentucky is a revised and updated volume of the flagship history of the state history that brings the Commonwealth’s story into the twenty-first century.

Regional favorites like Burgoo, Barbecue, and Bourbon, The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook, and The Beer Cheese Book are also included in this sale. The University Press of Kentucky is offering free shipping on orders over $75 in honor of their 75thanniversary. To view a full list of the titles featured in this promotion, visit www.kentuckypress.com. Orders should be placed by December 1 to guarantee Christmas delivery, and sale prices are valid through January 31, 2019. To order visit www.kentuckypress.com or call 800-537-5487 and use the discount code FHOL.

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Miriam Hopkins by Allan R. Ellenberger, 50% off

The University Press of Kentucky (UPK) is the scholarly publisher for the Commonwealth of Kentucky and was organized in 1969 as successor to the University of Kentucky Press. The university had sponsored scholarly publication since 1943. Offices for the administrative, editorial, production, and marketing departments are found at the University of Kentucky; however since the 1969 reorganization, the Press has represented a consortium that now includes all of Kentucky’s state universities, five of its private colleges, and two historical societies.

Cupid Countdown: Day Four!


We are going to “freshen up” your Valentine’s Day gifts this year with some flowers! Typically, people gravitate toward red roses when buying flowers, but—let’s face it—those can get pretty expensive! Although the rose is one of the most popular symbols of love, who is to say that other flowers can’t have just as much meaning? Today for Day 4 of our Cupid Countdown series, we will be guiding you through flower options that are just as beautiful and will make your significant other feel special for receiving such a thoughtful and unique gift.

Snow Trillium
Of the Liliaceae family, this is the earliest-flowering trillium and is also one of the smallest. Ranging from 2-4 inches tall and about 1 inch wide, this flower is very delicate and fragile but it is also the state flower of Ohio, making it very powerful. “Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

Habitat: Rich Woods
Region: Inner Bluegrass
Frequency: Rare

Canada Violet

Of the Violaceae family, this is the tallest violet, reaching 4 to 8 inches tall and carrying numberous leafy stems. These flowers represent the home and give a promise of faithfulness and dedication to marriage. If you are ready to commit or reaffirm your commitment, this is the flower for you!

Habitat: Rich woods
Region: Appalachian Plateaus, Cumberland Mountains, Knobs, Bluegrass
Frequency: Common

Wild Hyacinth

Of the Liliaceae family,this is a very showy species which has a flowering stalk that can reach up to 24 inches in height. Let your girl know how much you appreciate her getting all dressed up and fancy for you with a bouquet of these beauties!

Habitat: Open woods, cedar glades, prairie patches
region: Appalachian Plateaus, Bluegrass, Mississippian Plateau, Jackson Purchase
Frequency: Uncommon but locally abundant in the Bluegrass

Dwarf Iris

Of the Iridaceae family, these bright flowers are typically found at ground level. This flower is perfect for special someone who is very humble about herself. This flower not only recognizes that but also let’s her know that she doesn’t go unnoticed.

Dry soils, open upland woods
Region: Cumberland Mountains, Appalachian Plateaus
Frequency: Uncommon

Field Pansy

Of the Violaceae family, this is a slender and delicate flower ranging in color from white to lavender. The name pansy is derived from the French word pensée meaning “thought”, and was so named because the flower resembles a human face.

Habitat: Fields, roadsides, disturbed soil
Region: Statewide
Frequency: Common

For more information on other regional flowers and plants, check out our book Wildflowers and Ferns of Kentucky by Thomas G. Barnes and S. Wilson Francis on our website!

Don’t be late! Mother’s Day is this Sunday


Make sure you get the right gift for Mom BEFORE Mother’s Day happens this Sunday. . . you know she deserves it for putting up with you, right? Below, you’ll find a few of our picks for books that your Mom will love, no matter her style.

 Glamorous Mom



Chef Mom



Literary Mom



Musical Mom



Sporty Mom



Outdoors-y Mom



Bourbon Mom



Kentucky Proud Mom