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UPK Partners with Hindman to Launch Fireside Industries

As we at the University Press of Kentucky continue to commemorate 75 years of serving the commonwealth and celebrating Kentucky writers, we are thrilled to announce the formation of a novel venture.  We have partnered with the Hindman Settlement School to launch an imprint, Fireside Industries. Its purpose is to provide stability to the Appalachian literary tradition by publishing new works and reissues of classics that greatly contribute to the region.


First edition print of  The Quare Women

As the publisher of a number of groundbreaking works about—and for—Appalachia, one of our goals is to place Appalachian dynamics in the context of global change and to show why place-based and regional studies still matter. Our series Place Matters: New Directions in Appalachian Studies explores the history, social life, and cultures of Appalachia from multidisciplinary, comparative, and international perspectives. Our topics of interest range from diversity and social inequalities to geography and political economy—from efforts to confront regional stereotypes to literature, the arts, and the ongoing social construction and re-imagination of Appalachia. We are pleased to join with Hindman Settlement School to encourage, support, and nurture the diverse and rich voices of Appalachia.

The first two titles of Fireside Industries will be a reissue of Lucy Furman’s The Quare Women and a release of Tanya Amyx Berry’s first book, For the Hog Killing, 1979. Look for these titles next year. Click here to read more about this exciting new partnership.