Happy Birthday and Congratulations to Dalton Trumbo and the ‘Trumbo’ Team

December 9, 1905, Dalton Trumbo was born in Grand Junction, Colorado. A reader and a writer from a young age, Trumbo would go on to an incredible career as a screenwriter, playwright, and author, until the House Un-American Activities Committee sought to bring him down for his involvement with the Communist Party. Trump’s very public […]

Dalton Trumbo's Fight for Hollywood

On the 69th Anniversary of the First, Unofficial Blacklist, Dalton Trumbo Steps Back into the Spotlight with a New Biography and a Biopic Premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival

On July 29, 1946—sixty-nine years ago today—Billy Wilkerson, founder of The Hollywood Reporter, published an editorial naming 11 alleged Communists working in Hollywood, including screenwriter Dalton Trumbo.

UP Week: 10 Publications that Best Represent the University Press of Kentucky during The Past Decade

Over the last ten years, our Press—and the world—has seen a great deal of change. But what hasn’t changed is our commitment to publishing academic books of high scholarly merit and significant books about Kentucky and the surrounding regions, and our gratitude to be connected with university presses across the globe through the Association of […]

Happy 100th Birthday to Kirk Douglas!

One of the original leading men, Kirk Douglas came along in the final days of the major studio system, and he was one of the first box office stars to take charge of his own destiny by  becoming involved in the production and marketing of the films in which he appeared. He was a vital force in such […]

Father’s Day Books on Dad Written by their Children

Protective. Goofy. Heroic. Hardworking. Stoic. Knowledgeable. Jovial. There are a number of adjectives that can be used to describe fathers and the significant role they play in their children’s lives. But each father has his own unique story –- a story that may never be told. Below are some of our favorite books written by […]

Trumbo at the Oscars

We’re taking a brief pause from our Golden Galley contest today to put the spotlight on one of the men who has been sweeping the 2016 Oscar scene: Dalton Trumbo.The writing legend has returned from the dead in the 2015 biopic, Trumbo, which has landed Brian Cranston a nomination for the coveted Oscar for Best […]

Father's Day Reads University Press of Kentucky

Happy Father’s Day! Books on Dad Written by their Children

Oh, Dads…a seemingly limitless source of bad jokes (have you heard this one? What do you call an Alligator wearing a vest? An investigator!), bear hugs, and well-meaning advice. Some Dads are goofy, some serious, and my Dad will probably spend all day watching the U.S. Open, yelling at golf balls to “Get in there!” If I were […]

His Life on the Blacklist, or How Communists Brought Us the “Cran-stache” #UPWeek

Fans of the hit television show Breaking Bad have grown accustomed to seeing Bryan Cranston donning a mustache to play Walter White. But, at this year’s Emmy Awards, the “Cran-stache” came out for a different reason. . . . . . for his starring role as blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo in the forthcoming film Trumbo, directed by Jay Roach. […]