Earth Day 2022

By Amanda Cooper, Marketing Intern, University Press of Kentucky

Earth Day serves as a yearly reminder to appreciate the importance and beauty of the natural world around us, and learn more about steps we can take to protect our planet. Here are a few titles from the University Press of Kentucky that showcase the natural wonders of Kentucky, as well as conservation efforts in the state.

Venerable Trees: History, Biology, and Conservation in the Bluegrass by
Tim Kimmerer

“While deeply grounded in science, this book is written with a general audience in mind. It is easy to understand and filled with interesting information and stories, plus useful maps, illustrations and dozens of Kimmerer’s beautiful photographs of the trees…. Venerable Trees will likely become a classic among books about Kentucky’s natural history and environment, because it covers so much new information in such an accessible way…. This book will give you a greater appreciation of Kentucky’s oldest living residents.”—Lexington Herald-Leader

“This beautifully illustrated book offers guidelines for conserving ancient trees worldwide while educating readers about their life cycle. It is an informative call to understand the challenges faced by the companions so deeply rooted in the region’s heritage and a passionate plea for their preservation.”—Greater Louisville Sierra Club

Kentucky’s Natural Heritage: An Illustrated Guide to Biodiversity, edited by Greg Abernathy, Deborah White, Ellis L. Laudermilk and Marc Evans

“An incredible resource for readers interested in the physiographic and biological facets of the state and should serve as a model for conservation groups that desire to promote awareness and understanding of the natural heritage within other regions or states.” —Emerald Journal

“Between its covers, readers will find details of Kentucky’s vanished natural areas and catalogue of the increasingly rare animal, plants and unique habitats that urgently need protection.” —Louisville Courier Journal

Water in Kentucky: Natural History, Communities, and Conservation, edited by Brian D. Lee, Daniel I. Carey, and Alice L. Jones

“Simply outstanding! Water in Kentucky offers an exciting close-up view of what happens to the water that falls on the Commonwealth. You’ll be fascinated by the many innovative projects your neighbors are implementing to clean polluted runoff and to restore attractive wetlands and streams. This volume will guide you in taking action to improve water quality in your community for the benefit of people, plants, and wildlife.”—Thomas R. Biebighauser, author of Wetland Drainage, Restoration, and Repair

“This collection of 23 essays expertly covers the intricate relationship between water and our daily lives. These essays could easily serve as springboards for conversation in conservation and policy implementation for the future. This book stands as an important addition to the study of water resources in Kentucky.”—Kentucky Libraries

Confronting Ecological Crisis in Appalachia and the South: University and Community Partnerships, edited by Stephanie McSpirit, Lynne Faltraco, and Conner Bailey

“This book inspires because it brings together accounts of effective citizen action and productive partnerships with academic institutions and personnel in response to environmental assaults and degradation; corporate greed and irresponsibility; and bureaucratic and regulatory collusion, neglect, and inaction. This volume makes a strong case for democratic participation in all arenas, whether in the community or the university, with activism not relegated to one or the other.” —Journal of Appalachian Studies

“Each of the 11 short chapters chronicles a collaborative project, is extensively documented, and is well written by both activists and academics, making for interesting reading.”— A.A. Hickey, Choice

Kentucky’s Last Great Places by Thomas G. Barnes

“This isn’t a memorial to lost places; it’s a call to action, a reminder to readers of what exactly there is to lose if economic development continues to take precedence over the environment in both social and political arenas.”—Back Home in Kentucky

“With over 100 glorious full-color photographs and insightful text, Kentucky’s Last Great Places highlights the incredible natural beauty found in the Commonwealth’s old-growth forests, prairies, wetlands, and other distinctive biological habitats. Kentucky’s Last Great Places is both a stunning collection of nature photographs and a means for increasing our understanding of the fragile beauty of Kentucky.” —Kentucky Books Blogspot

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