Seven Days of Summer Giveaway Details

July 19 Giveaway BannerWe like books, you like books, and we want to give you a free book just to prove it. This week, one lucky reader will win a book of their choice from the list of seven new titles below.

Sound good so far? Each day, we will spotlight one of the seven books up for grabs and give you an opportunity to enter this random giveaway. Once per day, we will ask our followers a just-for-fun opinion question across all our social media. If you answer our question, you’ll be entered into a random drawing. The winner will choose one book from the seven listed below as their prize! All you have to do is watch our Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram accounts each day from July 15 through 5PM on July 21. We will announce the winner across our social networks on Tuesday, July 23.

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Now, let’s get to the books.

The Books…Win and Pick One to Take Home!

Ridley Scott: A BiographyRidley Scott Cover

With celebrated works such as Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, and Gladiator, Ridley Scott has secured his place in Hollywood. This book presents a unique crosscut between the biographical facts of Ridley Scott’s personal life—his birth and early days in northeast England, his life in New York City—and his career in Hollywood as a director and producer of television commercials, TV series, and feature films. Every film is mined for a greater understanding of the visionary, his personality, his thought process, and a deeper perception of his astounding accomplishments. The voices of cast and crew who worked with Ridley Scott, as well as the words of the man himself, are woven throughout this book for a fully realized, critical biography, revealing the depth of the artist and his achievements.

Johnson CoverBiplanes at War: US Marine Corps Aviation in the Small Wars Era, 1915-1934

Unlike the relative uniformity of conventional warfare, small wars prevent a clear definition of rules and roles for military forces to follow. During the small wars era, the US military had only recently begun battling in the skies but recognized the unique value and flexibility of aviation. This book provides a riveting history of the Marines’ use of biplanes between the world wars in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, China, and Nicaragua and chronicles how the Marines used aircraft to provide supporting fire to ground troops, to evacuate the wounded, to transport cargo, and even to support democratic elections. Biplanes at War sheds light on how the Marines pioneered roles that have become commonplace for air forces today, an accomplishment that has largely gone unrecognized in mainstream histories of aviation.

Fishing the Jumps: A NovelHerrin Cover

The term “fishing the jumps” speaks to a method of catching fish while they’re in the midst of a wild, frenzied state. And just like the undercurrents that exist in the lakes on which this tale is based, some relationships have a way of hiding—and revealing—turmoil just beneath the surface. In his latest novel, award-winning writer Lamar Herrin explores the kaleidoscopic effect of memory while examining the rise and fall of life in the South. Set during a weekend fishing trip, two middle-aged friends sip Jim Beam and share stories as the past and present meld to reveal that what happens in the past rarely stays there.

Olivia de Havilland: Lady Triumphant by Victoria AmadorOlivia de Havlland

Legendary actress and two-time Academy Award winner Olivia de Havilland, best known for her role as Melanie Wilkes in Gone with the Wind (1939), often portrayed characters who were delicate, elegant, and refined. At the same time, she was a survivor with a fierce desire to direct her own destiny on and off the screen. She fought and won a lawsuit against Warner Bros. over a contract dispute that changed the studio contract system forever. From her iconic romance with James Stewart to her unending feud with Joan Fontaine, this work offers unprecedented access to the world behind the Hollywood screen and is a tribute to  one of Hollywood’s greatest legends.

Faulkner CoverDecision in the Atlantic: The Allies and the Longest Campaign of the Second World War

The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest campaign of the Second World War. This volume highlights the scale and complexity of this bitterly contested campaign, one that encompassed far more than just attacks by German U-boats on Allied shipping. The team of leading scholars assembled in this study situates the German assault on seaborne trade within the wider Allied war effort and provides a new understanding of its place within the Second World War. Individual chapters offer original perspectives on a range of neglected or previously overlooked subjects: how Allied grand strategy shaped the war at sea; the choices facing Churchill and other Allied leaders and the tensions over the allocation of scarce resources between theaters; how the battle spread beyond the Atlantic Ocean in both military and economic terms; the management of Britain’s merchant shipping repair yards; the defense of British coastal waters against German surface raiders; the contribution of air power to trade defense; antisubmarine escort training; the role of special intelligence; and the war against the U-boats in the Arctic and Pacific Oceans.

Red River Gorge CoverWilderflowers and Ferns of the Red River Gorge and the Greater Red River Basin

The Gorge, known for its unspoiled scenic beauty and numerous hiking trails, is one of Kentucky’s most popular natural destinations, attracting over 500,000 visitors a year. Accessible to both casual hikers and seasoned naturalists alike, this book is the only comprehensive natural guide to the Red River Gorge, Kentucky’s most popular natural recreational area. Through over 1,000 color images and illustrations, Dan and Judy Dourson share the geology, history, and incredible biodiversity of this unique ecosystem.


Landpower CoverLandpower in the Long War: Projecting Force After 9/11

War and landpower’s role in the twenty-first century is not just about military organizations, tactics, operations, and technology; it is also about strategy, policy, and sociopolitical contexts. After fourteen years of war in the Middle East with dubious results, a diminished national reputation, and a continuing drawdown of troops, the role of landpower in US grand strategy will continue to evolve with changing geopolitical situations. This book first examines more traditional issues, such as strategy and civilian-military relations, and works its way to more contemporary topics, such as how socio-cultural considerations affect the landpower force. The interdisciplinary contributors of political scientists, historians, and military practitioners—demonstrate that the conceptualization of landpower must move beyond the limited operational definition offered by Army doctrine in order to encompass social changes, trauma, the rule of law, acquisition of needed equipment, civil-military relationships, and bureaucratic decision-making, and argue that landpower should be a useful concept for warfighters and government agencies.

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  1. carlrscott

    Hi. I’m just wondering what happened with this promotion. I follow UPK on all the social media platforms and entered a bunch of comments in the contest but never saw a winner posted. Thanks.



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