Meet the Press: Katie Huffman, Marketing Intern


Name: Katie Huffman
Position: Marketing Intern
Hometown: Harrodsburg, KY


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your position at the press.

I am a junior English major with a minor in Gender and Women’s Studies. I currently work as a marketing intern, and I mainly write press releases and cover copy, help run the social media accounts, and do any research that the marketing team needs done!


What’s one of your favorite UPK titles and why?

I really love Amreekiya by Lena Mahmoud. I’ve had the opportunity to work with this title a lot, from helping draft the press release to researching background information on the culture portrayed and promoting the release on social media! I really enjoyed the storytelling and writing. Plus, the cover art is absolutely gorgeous!

Why should students be interested in their local university press?

Students should be interested in their local university press because it’s a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience, whether you’re interested in writing, public relations, research, or so much more. UPs lend voice to both up-and-coming young writers and established authors, so there’s always a wonderful myriad of experiences and viewpoints being expressed.

If someone was visiting Kentucky for the first time and you were their tour guide, where would you take them? Any specific restaurants, landmarks, etc.?

I would definitely take them to Red River Gorge and Keeneland. Horse racing is about as Kentucky as you can get. As far as local food goes, I love Doodles for brunch, Windy Corner Market, and The Old Owl Tavern (located back in my hometown).

Do you have a favorite font? If so, what is it?

I enjoy Constantia and find it pretty visually appealing while still being professional and easy to read.


What was the last book you read? Would you recommend it?

The last book I read was The Color Purple by Alice Walker. I would absolutely recommend it.

Did you always know you wanted to intern or work in publishing? When you were a kid, did you want to do something different as an adult?

I’ve always known I wanted to work with books. Even as a kid, I’ve always loved to read, so publishing seemed like a good fit for me. It allows me to work with books in some capacity each day!

Why should students support their university press? How can students support UPs?

Students should support their university press because they do so many amazing things for their community! Students can support UPs by simply buying and reading their published titles. To get further involved, follow us on social media @KentuckyPress or apply to be an intern!

What have you learned during your time here, and how will you use the skills you gained as you start a career, further your education, etc.?

I can honestly say I’ve learned so much! Interning here has really helped me hone my writing and communication skills, especially over social media. I have learned how to succinctly communicate my point in a brief and interesting way. I hope to go into a career in publishing, so all of these skills will definitely be of use to me in the future!

If you could have dinner with any three people—dead or alive, famous or not—who would it be?

Audrey Hepburn, Eric Clapton, and Aspyn Ovard, definitely.


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