Derby Down on this “Bourbon Dessert”


It’s the most Kentucky time of year: Derby season! If you’re anything like us here at UPK, you’ve got a big sweet tooth, with a penchant for creating your own concoctions for special events. And, like us, you’ve already worked your way through our classic cookbook BOURBON DESSERTS (available here), and are itching for more ways to incorporate some oak-y, caramel-y goodness into your baked goods. Well, you’re in luck! Our intern spent a day and a half in the kitchen slinging sugar and butter to combine these two recipes into something to holler about. It involves some nutty, sweet-savory cookies and fluffy, rich chocolate mousse. Combined together, they make a unique parfait that’s a little bitter, a lot sweet, crunchy, creamy, and best of all, bourbon-y. Tell your party guests to hold onto their hats.

You’ll need:

A batch of “Spicy Chocolate Mousse with a Whiff of Bourbon” (pg. 108)
A batch of “Brown Butter and Bourbon Biscuits” (pg. 44) {ed. note: you won’t need the whole batch for this recipe, but trust us, you’ll want to hang onto the extras.}
Whipped cream, preferably un- or lightly sweetened.
Four to six mason jars

1. In clean mason jar, crumble part of a cookie into the bottom of the jar. This will form a base for your parfait.
2. With a piping bag, layer mousse over cookies.
3. With a separate piping bag, layer whipped cream over mousse.
4. Add new layer of cookie crumbles and repeat until jar is full to interior.
5. Dollop whipped cream beyond the rim of the jar to create inviting, fluffy cloud of deliciousness.
6. If desired, top with crumbled cookies. (Or chocolate syrup, or caramel, or pralines, or…)

Some tips:

1. If you’re making this all at once, like we did, brown the butter for the cookies first. It’ll cool to room temperature while you’re making the mousse. (If you’re in a big hurry, throw it in the fridge to save even more time.) Then, chill the mousse while you’re whipping up the cookies! #lifehacks

2. Use a piping bag for Instagram-worthy layers with no side-smearing! Don’t have a piping bag? A Ziploc baggie will do in a pinch. Just add your filling, seal shut (squeezing as much air out as possible as you do), and cut off a corner. Using a decorating tip? Simply nestle it into the bag, then cut off just enough of the corner so that the tip peeks out. Then add your filling, and get to piping!

3. Smaller mason jars work best here, in terms of portion control. (But who are we to judge?) It’d look just as appetizing in a bowl or, if you want to get cheeky with it, a stemless wine or high-ball glass.



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