Anniversary of Lincoln’s Assassination John Wilkes Booth fired his derringer point-blank at President Abraham Lincoln, it took only a split-second for the bullet to pierce his skull, but another nail-biting nine hours would pass before the terror ended. On April 14, 1865, the course of history would be forever altered by a series of unfortunate events that occurred inside Petersen Boardinghouse, the four-story row house located directly across from Ford’s Theatre that would serve as the deathbed of America’s most beloved president.

In Lincoln’s Final Hours: Conspiracy, Terror, and the Assassination of America’s Greatest President, award-winning crime reporter Kathryn Canavan revisits Tenth Street and the long-forgotten Petersen house, where Lincoln endured a painful gunshot wound while America held its breath. Though many traditional narratives have explored Lincoln’s death, Canavan uncovers several aspects of the Lincoln assassination that have been shrouded in mystery, including not only the tragedy at Ford’s Theatre, but also the personal and political motivations of the Petersen boarders and Booth’s conspirators, as well as the immediate aftermath of the most consequential crime in American history.

Marking the 151st anniversary of the assassination of America’s most beloved president, Canavan’s thrilling, fast-paced narrative showcases the drama and chilling horror of Lincoln’s final hours, and unmasks the background characters who played the most essential part in sealing Lincoln’s fate.


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