The Celebration is Here.

Mardi Gras is notorious for its thriving traditions that flood the streets of New Orleans with greens, purples, and golds. With the widely-celebrated holiday finally here, UPK is here to serve up the top tips on what we know best: Bourbon and cakes.

The Bluegrass State is no stranger to the southern sweet tooth, but the infamous King Cake is essential to any Mardi Gras celebration. The tasty treat is the center of most parties thrown during the holiday. There are several different ways you can make the King Cake, but there are traditions you must follow when doing so. The most common ingredients include eggs, milk, butter, yeast, brown and white sugar, water, salt, nutmeg, flour, and cinnamon. The frosting is usually made of confectioner’s sugar and colored crystals (Green, purple, and gold of course).

English Peas









What makes the cake so special is the hidden trinket inside. King Cakes have a plastic baby hidden in one of the pieces. If you are the lucky finder, you become the “King or Queen” of festivities and also take on the responsibility of bringing the cake next year.
Check out this recipe from The Food Network if you’re daring enough to make one yourself!
Now that you have a cake, surely you know what comes next. No treat is complete without the perfect drink pairing, especially during Mardi Gras. The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book by Joy Perrine and Susan Reigler offers an array of different bourbon style cocktails to fancy even the pickiest drinkers. Their twist on the classic Sazerac originating from New Orleans is the perfect drink choice for your King Cake.

New Orleans is packed with streets that overflow with tradition and custom. Follow these recipes and immerse yourself in one of their greatest celebrations!

Layout 1


1 teaspoon of Pernod

2 ounces of Kentucky bourbon

1 tablespoon simple syrup

6 dashes of Peychaud’s bitters

Pour Pernod into the glass and swirl to coat. Pour out the excess. Add ice, bourbon, syrup, and bitters; shake.   Garnish with a large lemon twist.



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