Happy Birthday and Congratulations to Dalton Trumbo and the ‘Trumbo’ Team

December 9, 1905, Dalton Trumbo was born in Grand Junction, Colorado. A reader and a writer from a young age, Trumbo would go on to an incredible career as a screenwriter, playwright, and author, until the House Un-American Activities Committee sought to bring him down for his involvement with the Communist Party.

Trump’s very public fight against HUAC as one of the Hollywood Ten is now the basis for the movie, Trumbo, which was nominated for 3 major Screen Actors Guild Awards this morning–more than any other film in the field. A very happy birthday present, indeed!

Congratulations to Jay Roach, Bryan Cranston, Helen Mirren, and the rest of the cast who labored so diligently to bring the life of one of Hollywood’s most infamous and influential radicals to the silver screen. You deserve a slice of birthday cake!

For more on Trumbo’s life, Dalton Trumbo is currently discounted during UPK’s Holiday Sale:

Dalton Trumbo

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