Surprise! It’s UP Week: Guess the Press with our #ReadUP Quiz

Every year the Association of American University Press holds University Press Week to highlight the amazing work of scholarly nonprofit publishers and their contributions to culture, the academy, and an informed society. In the spirit of tradition, the University Press of Kentucky will be participating in blog tour, allowing university presses to collaborate on a series of posts highlighting the value of collaboration. This year’s theme: “Surprise!”

With over a century of university press history, it is no shock that many university presses have an interesting backstory filled with wonderful accomplishments. Following the theme, we’re exploring our history and testing how well you know the history of our fellow university presses.

Now, a little about us: The University Press of Kentucky is the scholarly publisher for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and was organized in 1969 as successor to the University of Kentucky Press. Bruce F. Denbo, then of Louisiana State University Press was appointed as the first full-time professional director. Denbo served as director of UPK until his retirement in 1978, building a small but distinguished list of scholarly books with emphasis on American history and literary criticism. Since the formation of the consortium, the press has broadened its appeal to readers in and outside of Kentucky with a wide array of publications.

Test your knowledge on other AAUP member presses by taking the quiz below:


See what’s happening during #UPWeek from other #AAUP Member Presses who are blogging today:

University Press of FloridaUniversity of New EnglandUniversity Press of MississippiUniversity Press of KansasUniversity of Nebraska PressUniversity of California PressUniversity of Wisconsin Press

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