The Woman Who Was Almost a Ghost

Hello again spooky spirits! Halloween is just a day away and we have got the perfect story to prepare yourself for the night of the dead. Today’s featured story comes from Kentucky Hauntings: Homespun Ghost Stories and Unexplained History, in which beloved storytellers Roberta Simpson Brown and Lonnie E. Brown present a thrilling collection of paranormal tales that will appeal to anyone looking for a friendly scare. Weaving together factual accounts of unexplained events, peculiar headlines, and local legends passed down from a time when most homes lacked electricity, Kentucky Hauntings combines stories with commentary on historic customs. From “telling the bees” about a death in the family, to a friendly “fool’s errand” practical joke gone horribly wrong, and from terrifying haunted houses to the lifesaving “Bathtub Ghost,” readers are transported to a world of age-old superstitions and paranormal experiences. Whether shared around the fire on a crisp autumn night or whispered in a huddle of close friends at a summer sleepover, these eerie stories will thrill and excite anyone who loves a good scare. But what makes today’s story so cool is that it actually comes from the personal experiences of one of the book’s authors.


The Woman Who Was Almost a Ghost (From Kentucky Hauntings by Brown)

Several years ago, the Louisville Ghost Hunters held the Mid-South Paranormal Conference at Waverly Hills Sanatorium. An area was set aside for book signings and paranormal readings. Many people walked by our table, but the crowd often came in spurts. One afternoon when the crowd had thinned out, a man walked up to our table and asked if we had a minute. Of course, we said yes. He said he would rather not give his name because he thought there might be people connected to his story who might still be living, and he didn’t have their permission to tell the story. He said that he needed to tell someone, though; the story bothered him because it was so strange.

When he mentioned the name of the house, we recognized it immediately. We had passed it on a tour organized by Robert Parker, Mr. Ghost Walker. We had heard lots of strange stories about the house, but we had never heard this one. If you are interested in taking the tour, contact Mr. Ghost Walker (502-689-5117).

There is an old house in Louisville that was once used as a family dwelling, with one section used as an office by a doctor in family. It was rumored that this doctor used to perform illegal abortions in this office, but it was a subject mostly kept hush-hush. Many years passed and the family moved away. The doctor closed his practice and died a few years later. The rumors died with him, and the house stood empty. One day, a man and his wife were walking down the street where the old house stood. As they approached, the woman stopped abruptly and held tightly to her husband’s arm. She had never seen the house before, but she became very fearful and began to shake.

“What’s wrong?” asked her husband.

“I don’t know,” she said. “It’s that house! I can’t go near it!”

“We’ll be by it soon,” he said. “There’s nothing there to hurt you.”

He urged her on, but still she clung tightly to her husband. By the time they were even with the doctor’s old office, the woman began to cry and tremble uncontrollably. She had never acted this way before, and her behavior surprised both her and her husband. He was at a total loss as to what he should do, so he practically pulled her down the street. When they got past the house, she calmed down and felt normal again. Neither could figure out why she acted so strangely.

After they arrived home, the woman’s two uncles happened to come by for a visit. She was always glad to see them because the rest of her family was dead. She had always felt particularly close to these uncles.

“You look a little pale,” one uncle said. “Are you feeling okay?”

“Yeah,” agreed the other uncle. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost!”

Still a little shaky from the odd experience at the old house, she told them what had happened. Her husband confirmed the strange incident. The uncles listened without interrupting. When she finished, they exchanged glances. Then one uncle spoke.

“I guess there is something you should know,” he said.

“It might explain what happened.”

“Then tell me, please,” she said.

“The family never wanted you to know,” he said, “but when your mother was carrying you, she was having a very difficult time. Finally, it got too much for her, so she went to the doctor at that house to get an abortion. The two of us were at the house when she left, and we followed her to see where she was going. No one in our family supported abortion, so we rushed into the doctor’s office just as he was ready to abort you! We stopped him and took your mother home. Your mother always regretted what she almost did and was grateful to us for stopping her from making a terrible mistake. Maybe that accounts for the way you felt.”

The woman and her husband thought about it and decided that maybe that was the explanation. Maybe somehow she had slipped back in time and felt what she may have felt in the womb when she almost became a ghost before she was born!

For more stories like this one and to learn more about Kentucky Hauntings, click the image below:


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