A Spooky House in Lexington

We don’t know about you all, but the UPK team is getting really excited that Halloween is officially less than a week away! To help put you in a spooky state of mind, we have been rifling through our best ghost stories that are sure to give you goose bumps before October 31st. For our friends in Fayette County, we are unleashing a tale from Tales of Kentucky Ghosts by William Lynwood Montell, which recounts a memory from a woman who grew up here in Lexington, KY who had some strange encounters throughout her childhood, namely at one particular house in her neighborhood:

A Spooky House
Fayette County

“This is a story about what took place when I was a little girl about ten years old. The street behind the house where we lived had an old house located on Tahoma Road in Lexington. There was a lady that had lived there, but she moved to Florida, supposedly because her little girl had gone outside to a little pond [in the yard]. It was kinda like a fishbowl, and the little girl drowned in it. But the story goes on to tell that something like a demon or something pulled her under.

The old house was real old and creepy, had vines growing up all around it, and the grass was always not mowed. We could look inside the letter box that was on the door. We could lift it up and look inside the house, and when you looked in there, we always saw a light on the right at the top of the steps. You could see the living room if you looked real hard in the daytime, and there was candy in dishes that were always on the table. The chair there by the table, and the table itself, always looked like they had just been cleaned.

The strange part about it was that nobody lived there then. It was always real musty smelling, and there was always a kind of a cold feeling there. I mean that was when I was little and stuff. It was spookier then than I guess it would be now. But that was when I was little and we used to walk there and scare ourselves to death.”

Tory Combs, as told to Leslie Calk, Lexington, 1972.
Courtesy of Folklife Archives at Kentucky Library,
Western Kentucky University

For more creepy stories like this one, be sure check out the rest of Tales of Kentucky Ghosts.


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