How Sturgill Simpson from Kentucky is “Living the Dream”

Sturgill Simpson in an Interview with Nashville Scene

Sturgill Simpson in an Interview with Nashville Scene

As promised, here is our next post all about the famous Sturgill Simpson.

While some may know him as a Grammy-nominated musician, here in the Bluegrass we know him as one of our own. Born in Breathitt County and raised in Versailles, Sturgill can’t help hiding his Kentucky roots. Though this small town artist may be playing in the big leagues now, he certainly isn’t in it for the fame. In a recent interview with Nashville Scene he says he dislikes most “[t]he adulation from some of the people.” He goes on to say that “at the end of the day, it’s about the songs, but sometimes it starts to feel like it’s about you. It’s really off target. That can get weird.”

For our post today we’ve decided to let his music do some of the talking. Here are a few videos of him performing music off his Grammy-nominated Americana album, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music.

If you want to buy tickets to go see him in concert, click here. We’ve also found an exclusive interview between him and Rolling Stone magazine where he talks about his music career and one very interesting fan; if you want you can check that out here.

Make sure to tune in to the Grammys on Sunday, February 8th at 8/7c where Sturgill Simpson is nominated for Best Americana Album!


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