Taking Root in Country Music – Female Musicians in Kentucky

We’re kicking off this fun, music filled week with Jason Howard, the author of A Few Honest Words. Jason recently wrote an editorial titled, “Country music an expansive art form,” in which he discusses the importance of evolution in music while also staying close to your roots. In both his article and his book he highlights some of the Bluegrass’s finest country music artists – women from Kentucky.

All of these women have left their mark on country music and have opened up the public eye to the role of women in this industry, but it hasn’t always been easy to get your name out there.

Carla Gover, country music artist and dancer

Carla Gover, country music artist and dancer

In Jason’s book he talks one-on-one with each of the selected musicians, illustrating them in their purest form. Naomi Judd talks about her deep-rooted Kentucky pride, Carla Gover discusses ideas to “cross borders and boundaries” in her music, and Joan Osborne expresses her ambitions as a small town girl and the rebellion that followed at a young age. All of these women have something in common, something that ties them together other than music, and that is their innate love for Appalachia.

We’ve put together a playlist for you to listen throughout the week as we continue to talk about other music themed books and topics. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post about one of Kentucky’s very own Grammy-nominated musicians, Sturgill Simpson.

We want to know your thoughts! In a comment below, tell us what you think of Jason Howard’s book, A Few Honest Words, or his article linked here.


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