Hollywood’s Most Celebrated Director


From the snarky man who said, “If anybody doubts my loyalty to my country, I’ll punch him in the nose, and I don’t care how old he is” came also some of the greatest American films of all time. William Wyler was a directing legend not only for his personality, but for his talent. Famous for such movies as Jezebel (1938), Roman Holiday (1953), and Ben Hur (1959), the description “classic” fits acutely and justly to his body of work. He worked with celebrated actors and gave some of them their big break, like Audrey Hepburn who, after working with Wyler in Roman Holiday, went on to star in Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


William Wyler and Audrey Hepburn


Wyler also won three Oscars for Best Director for his films Mrs. Miniver (1942), The Best Years of Our Lives (1946), and Ben-Hur (1959).


From left to right: Samuel Goldwyn, Best Supporting Actor Harold Russell, and Best Director William Wyler (The Best Years of our Lives)


If you’re interested in reading more about this movie-making master, check out William Wyler: The Life and Films of Hollywood’s Most Celebrated Director by Gabriel Miller. According to the New York Journal of Books, Miller’s work on Wyler is a massive success; “For the true movie lover, the only pleasure that can come close to matching that of steeping oneself, Norma Desmond-like, in the flickering images of a great movie is wallowing a long, exhaustive, in-depth biography of a beloved filmmaker. And in terms of all the things that matter – research, organization, access, industry and adulation – William Wyler: The Life and Films of Hollywood’s Most Celebrated Director by Gabriel Miller hits the mark.”


Pick up your copy today!



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