How well do you know Kentucky flowers?

Spring is in the air! The warm weather is starting to set in and now the flowers can finally start blooming. Kentucky’s gorgeous landscape is home to many of these beauties. Can you tell which Kentucky flowers belong to which season? Take our quiz and find out.

1)      Fragrant water lilly (Nymphaea odorata)


This is a showy aquatic plant that has 6-8 in –wide, roundish leaf blades floating on the water; the blades are often red or purple beneath. The multiple-petaled flowers float on the water and range in size from 3-8 in. in diameter.

Habitat: Shallow wetlands and ponds.

Region: Appalachian Plateaus, Bluegrass, Shawnee Hills, Jackson Purchase.

Frequency: Rare.

2)      Field Pansy (Viola rafinesquii)


This is a slender, delicate, 4 in – 10 in annual with small round to spoon shaped leaves. Note that ½ in. wild flowers arise on leaflike stipulates that are deeply lobed or divided. Flower color varies from white to lavender.

Habitat: Fields, roadside, disturbed soil.

Region: Statewide.

Frequency: Common.

3)      Tickseed Sunflower (Bidens aristosa)


This medium-size plant reaches 2 to 3 ft. tall. It has 1 ¾ – 2 in – wide flower heads with a yellowish to brownish or greenish center and 6 to 9 rays. The upper, toothed leaves are divided into 3 segments and the lower leaves are divided into 5 to 7 segments.

Habitat: Wet meadows, roadsides, fields, stream banks.

Region: Statewide.

Frequency: Abundant.


Answers: 1) Summer, 2) Spring, 3) Fall


Learn about more regional flowers in Wildflowers and Ferns of Kentucky.


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