A Historic Kentucky Recipe to Celebrate National Zucchini Day

National Zucchini Day is August 8. The Historic Kentucky Kitchen: Traditional Recipes for Today's Cooks by Diedre Scaggs and Andrew McGraw

Happy National Zucchini Day! We’re celebrating with one of our favorite recipes from a new book coming out later this year by Dierdre A. Scaggs and Andrew W. McGraw. The Historic Kentucky Kitchen: Traditional Recipes for Today’s Cook assembles more than one hundred dishes from nineteenth and twentieth-century Kentucky cooks.

Collected from handwritten books, diaries, scrapbook clippings, and out-of-print cookbooks from the University of Kentucky Libraries Special Collections, this book brings together a variety of classic dishes, complete with descriptions of each recipe’s origin and helpful tips for the modern chef. The authors, who carefully tested each dish, provide recipe modifications and substitutions for rare and hard-to-find ingredients.

The Historic Kentucky Kitchen by Dierdre Scaggs and Andrew McGrawHead over to the book’s website to see the recipe we’ve found to honor Zucchini Day: Logan English’s Zucchini and Eggs. This is a special recipe because it is the dish that provided the spark of curiosity for assembling this cookbook, and in many ways it was one of the most difficult to decipher.

See the recipe.

Pre-order the book.


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