Where Will You Be Attending This Fall?

We’re all partial to Kentucky universities here at UPK, but MU offers courses in academic fields that are difficult to find at most colleges. As a student in the School of Liberal Arts & Monstrosities, for example, you can take History of Traditional Monster Civilizations and Origins of the Literature of Fear. Or, if you’re more left-brain inclined, the School of Engineering offers courses in scream energy and technology; and coursework in the School of Science covers topics ranging from Flying for Winged Monsters (as well as AV 162, Flying for the Unwinged) to Physiology of Limbs & Joints (“in-depth study of the evolutionary structure of mono-, bi-, and multi-appendaged bioforms”).

But don’t worry, while Monsters University expects a high level of academic performance from its students, you’ll still find plenty of opportunity for an active social life…

Go see for yourself: Monsters University comes out this Friday! And since you’re feeling academic after all that learning in 3-D at MU, enter our giveaway by Friday for a chance to win 3-D Revolution by Ray Zone.


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