A Fresh Take: A Kentucky Cookbook Giveaway & Challenge

cover image(1)Now that Derby has come and gone, we’re shifting gears to talk about another distinctive staple of Kentucky: the food. Sure, people may think hot browns and fried chicken, but many don’t realize how much variety the Bluegrass has to offer in the way of fresh, seasonal ingredients and rich cultural food traditions.

In The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook, food, nutrition, and culinary arts expert Maggie Green offers recipe after recipe of dishes that are sure to please a Kentuckian’s palate—and satisfy our greater need for healthful nourishment. Check back with us all week to get a sampling of recipes inside the book!

Here at the Press, we’d love to know what good, fresh Kentucky food you’re cooking up these days. All this week, why not try some of Green’s recipes, and show us what you’re up to in the kitchen! Share a picture or two online, tagging us on Facebook, and mentioning us on Twitter. After all, “food’s ability to bring people together” is partially what drives author Maggie Green into the kitchen “to cook with fresh, seasonal, and even traditional Kentucky ingredients.” With her book, she hopes to “inspire cooks of all ages to do the same every day, all year long.”

This week, you have a chance to win your own copy of The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook! Enter the giveaway before 1 pm, Friday May 10, when we will draw the lucky winner. Good luck!


3 thoughts on “A Fresh Take: A Kentucky Cookbook Giveaway & Challenge

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