Travel the Urban Bourbon Trail!

Riddle me this: What do stamp collecting and bourbon have in common?

It’s no secret the Bluegrass State is the heart of bourbon country and there’s no better place to sample the best bourbon in the nation than on the Urban Bourbon Trail. Take a road trip to a few of downtown Louisville’s finest restaurants and bars famed for serving up some of the best bourbon cocktails and unique, bourbon-inspired cookin’. Each location on the trail is well stocked with anywhere from 50-150 bourbon varieties.

Legendary bartender Joy Perrine, co-author of The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book, is one of many bourbon experts featured on the Urban Bourbon Trail.  Joy’s creative and classic concoctions can be found at Equus & Jack’s Lounge, an upscale bistro serving refined American cuisine since 1985. Be sure to sample her Burbonball, the official drink of Jack’s Lounge, and many more of her award-winning bourbon cocktails!

Log your travels on a printed booklet passport or an electronic app. Check out the map below to plot your stops on the trail. Collect stamps from any six stops on your bourbon adventure and earn your status as an official Bourbon Country Citizen! Pick up your passport and hit the bourbon trail!

Don’t forget to sign up by 1 pm Friday, April 12 for our giveaway of The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book!

(Photos and map from the Urban Bourbon Trail.)


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