Outdoor Games

The sun shines bright in the Bluegrass state today, and spring is right around the corner! Take a peak inside this week’s giveaway book for games to play outside.

J is for Jumping Rope


Jumping rope was a favorite pastime in the mountains. All that was needed was something to use as a rope and several good jumping rhymes set to memory. Rope wasn’t always available, so Appalachia’s children made do with honeysuckle vine, plough lines, or a string of rags tied together.

M is for Marbles


Marbles, sometimes known as marvils, was played in schoolyards, barnyards, and favorite dirt spots on the way home from school.

V is for Vaulting


Trees provided lots of fun in the Appalachian Mountains. Vaulting involved climbing up to the very top of a tall tree, crawling out to the end of a small, bendy branch, and then riding it to the top of another tree. And hanging on for dear life!

These stunning images, illustrated by Pat Banks, capture the beauty of Appalachia and the children who made it their playground. Enter for your chance to win a copy of Appalachian Toys and Games from A to Z!


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