Critics love Lincoln Legends

Check out some reviews of Ed Steers’ Lincoln Legends, and enter for your chance to win a copy by today at 1:00 pm!

“Brilliantly arranged & one of the most informative Lincoln books ever written. A captivating and informative book that belongs on the bookshelf of every lover of history!”–Joseph Garrera, President, The Lincoln Group of New York

“Noted Lincoln scholar Steers succinctly and eloquently debunks 14 popular myths about the Great Emancipator’s life and death.”–Publishers Weekly

“For those wanting answers about Lincoln, this is a fine volume. Leaving humor to the fun front cover, the contents are at once deferential to those seeking basic information and probing about deeper layers of the president’s life. A solid offering displaying expert research.” —Library Journal

“Lincoln Legends is a worthy addition to the library of anyone interested in learning the truth about Lincoln and his heritage.”–Civil War Times

“Edward Steers, by producing a well-written and thoroughly researched and documented book, provides a welcome service to readers who believe that historical accounts must be based on evidence and that fictitious ones should be treated as such. Lincoln Legends is a welcome addition to collections of Lincoln books.”–Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association

“Through meticulous research, Steers eventually uncovers a larger irony: Lincoln, whom he calls ‘a passionate advocate for truth,’ will forever be shrouded in legend.”–New York Post


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