Father’s Day Gifts Any Dad Will Love

Are you one of those who leave the shopping til late? Don’t despair, we’ve made a list of books for every kind of Dad from the outdoorsy guy, to the refined gentleman. UPK books are available anywhere and everywhere books are sold (or you can load up his brand new eReader!)


For the Grillmaster:

“Maggie Green’s genius really is in her recipe writing. She writes simple, clear, seasonally appropriate recipes that aren’t pretentious, yet are guaranteed crowd-pleasers and will make the cook feel the joy of what it is to prepare good, healthy meals. And then she takes the next step and wraps the recipes in sweet memories that keep the reader moving through the culinary year with her.”—Rebecca Gray, expert editor for the 75th Anniversary edition of The Joy of Cooking

“This impressively accurate account of the history and impact of bourbon in America is chock-full of recipes to help celebrate bourbon’s versatility and personality.” –Gale Gand, host of Food Network’s Sweet Dreams and a judge on Top Chef

For the refined Kentucky Gentleman:

“In addition to tracing the origins and trajectory of our native spirit, it’s got moonshine, applejack, Prohibition, and Civil War doctors drinking all the spirits they could seize under the guise of medical need. It goes into the families and personalities of bourbon’s early history and does so with humor at turns both subtle and broad. . . . I’d say [this book is] a great cause to raise a glass.”–Rowley’s Whiskey Forge

“Whether you want to channel your inner Don Draper or develop your own bourbon infusions, this book is a wonderful reference.” –The Bloomsbury Review

“It’s always great to see a real bartender getting his or her thoughts and recipes into print. The world needs more books like this one.” –Gary Regan, author of The Joy of Mixology

 For the Outdoorsman:

” This updated fishing guide by expert fisherman Art Lander will help anglers of all skill levels make the most of their time at any of the state’s twenty-two most important reservoirs. Lander reveals what type of fishing is best at each lake, where fish can be found during the various seasons, and what tackle and techniques have proven best for each species. Detailed maps of each lake and information on fish feeding habits and marinas make this book an essential guide to the region’s lakes and the top fifteen sport fish species inhabiting them. Written by a fisherman for fishermen. Landers employs a tight, crisp writing style that makes for easy and pleasurable reading. — Courier Journal

“It is clear that thier collective wisdom as biologists, geologists, and ecologists have coalesced into a current, revelent, and beautifully documented reference and teaching source. . . Recommended” –Choice

For the Traveler:

“Susan Reigler’s words and Pam Spaulding’s photographs should immediately whet the appetite of Kentuckians to drop everything and descend upon their state parks with great enthusiasm, as there is much more to offer than was previously known or considered.” –James Archambeault, author of Kentucky Horse Country: Images of the Bluegrass

“For today’s travelers willing to forego the efficiency of a AAA Trip-Tik, The WPA Guide is illuminating.” — Cincinnati Magazine

“Not only a rich account of a Kentucky of the past, but also a vivid portrait of a rural agricultural state caught in the grips of an economic depression struggling to find its identity.” — Register of the Kentucky Historical Society

For the History Buff:

“A husband and wife team of teachers has done their part to give a fuller picture of our fair state in A Concise History of Kentucky. The Klotters have distilled our state’s history and culture into just over 200 enjoyable and easy-to-read pages. . . . Digestible to a wider range of readers than the average history text, including students who are just beginning to delve into the past. . . . There are enough gems of knowledge in A Concise History of Kentucky to make it a treat for anyone who loves the Bluegrass State, its colorful people and its towns.” —Louisville Voice-Tribune

“One of the best studies ever on the history of the horse in Kentucky. Wall combines her abilities as a prizewinning journalist and a trained academic to craft a readable, pathbreaking history. Focusing on the period immediately after the Civil War, Wall shows how Kentucky almost lost its preeminence in the horse-racing industry and how it regained that position. . . . It is a story peopled with colorful characters and filled with insights.” —James C. Klotter, State Historian of Kentucky

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