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We are thrilled and humbled by all your positive responses to the Free Book of the Month program! Our friends, fans, and readers mean the world to us and we have been and will always be eternally grateful for your support. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming support and excitement over April’s Free Book, we are out of stock of Ginseng Dreams: The Secret World of America’s Most Valuable Plant. Please keep an eye out here, in your email inbox, and on the website for all the latest UPK news and promotions, and again THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


It’s April 1st, and I hope you now know what that means…your next FREE BOOK of the Month! Yes, its that time already, we hope you enjoy! Click here to sign up for your copy of:

For thousands of years, cultures around the world have relied on herbal medicine for healing. Only recently have Americans flocked to once-suspect botanical treatments for the promise of good health and longevity. Among the most treasured of these plants is American ginseng, revered by millions of Asians as a virtual panacea that sustains every system of the human body. In Ginseng Dreams, Kristin Johannsen chronicles the remarkable world of the mysterious plant that commands as much as two thousand dollars a pound. She unfolds ginseng’s history and its future through the stories of seven people whose lives center on it: a huckster, a field researcher, a farmer, a ginseng “missionary,” a criminal investigator, a broker, and a cancer researcher. Each of them brings a different perspective to the elusive root—and each is consumed by a different dream.

Despite its venerable past and medicinal promise, American ginseng faces an uncertain future. Urban sprawl and environmental destruction threaten its fragile forest habitat, and the law provides little recourse against ginseng thieves who roam the backwoods. One step away from endangered species status, this precious plant of so much promise could soon be lost to us forever. Ginseng Dreams tells the extraordinary story of a natural treasure and the spell it casts on those who seek it.

“Kristin Johannsen has written a beautiful book that answers every question I ever had about ginseng, and some I hadn’t even thought of yet. However, Johannsen has done more than create a font of knowledge about ginseng. Instead she has provided us with a wonderful study of a culture, preserving a way of life that may slip away far too soon. This is a tender, informative, wise, and lovely book.” — Silas House

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