Coming Soon:

“Teems with humanity. Williams has a storyteller’s gift for making historical characters come alive. This well-researched account of the establishment of a Confederate veterans’ home in a state, Kentucky, that did not even support the Confederacy is a dramatic story of a diverse range of people who responded to the needs of Civil War veterans. It offers a new angle on the South’s Lost Cause.” -Charles Reagan Wilson, author of

Baptized in Blood: The Religion of the Lost Cause, 1865-1920


For Kentuckians: read all about Rusty William’s project to document the stories behind Kentucky’s Confederate Home in the newest issue of Kentucky Humanities.

For all you non-Kentuckians: you can download the magazine here and scroll to page 23.

Rusty Williams also writes his own fabulous blog about the home. My Old Confederate Home, the blog, is a great place to get to know Rusty and some of the stories that you’ll find in the book- and a few you won’t!

Look for My Old Confederate Home coming

May 21!


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