Daily Notes: Wednesday, April 14

Were moving along to a NEW catalog soon

  • If you’re out and about in this gorgeous weather on two of Kentucky’s campuses tomorrow, you can always drop in on me at the Kentucky Foreign Language Conference at the University of Kentucky Student Center, or Ashley at the Kentucky Public Libraries Association Conference in Bowling Green.
  • I hope you’ll also be attending Albert Schmid’s Book Launch/Cocktail Party at Joseph Beth tonight- we’ve been talking about it for a while now…
  • I know, I know, we’re ALL anxious to see what the BRAND NEW CATALOG is like, now that’s almost all grown up and ready to take on the world, but please be patient just a liiiiiittle longer. I promise its coming soon!
  • Tax Day is tomorrow (just a friendly reminder)
  • If you’ve been following us on Twitter- new friends and lifelong followers- it seems you’ll now be able to see all of our tweets at the Library of Congress: http://twitter.com/librarycongress along with all of our great books!
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About University Press of Kentucky

The University Press of Kentucky has a dual mission—the publication of books of high scholarly merit in a variety of fields for a largely academic audience and the publication of books about the history and culture of Kentucky, the Ohio Valley region, the Upper South, and Appalachia. The Press is the statewide mandated nonprofit scholarly publisher for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, operated as an agency of the University of Kentucky and serving all state institutions of higher learning, plus five private colleges and Kentucky's two major historical societies.

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